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The Media Library

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The media section of Apostrophe is where all your images, videos and files live. All multimedia content on your website is pulled from this library. 

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Adding files to the Media Library

  • upload media from your computer
  • upload a video using the embed code
  • searching services to add media from the internet
  • linking your YouTube, Vimeo or Slideshare account.

It's important to note here that you cannot directly upload a video file from your computer. It's just not practical. We suggest you upload your video to You Tube, Vimeo then link it over to your Apostrophe website. Video services are better equipped to handle those massive files.

Annotating Media

By annotating the media, you can organize your media library. This will help when you're searching for media to place around the website. You have the choice to annotate the files when you first upload them to the media library, or after they are already uploaded by clicking the pencil icon.

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