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Adding Content

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Adding content to your website with Apostrophe is easy, but like any system, you have to learn some of the specifics. In Apostrophe, the page templates are already set up for you. These are called page types. On each page there are content areas for you to build out the page. The image below shows what a brand new default page looks like. 

    • content area blank

There are three different content areas for you to use. If you leave one blank, it doesn't show up. This allows for a lot of flexibilty in making pages look unique, but only needing one template. The three areas are the banner, the body and the sidebar. The banner area will make your content (text, images, video, etc.) span across the entire page. The body area will make your content span over 2/3 the width of the page, and the sidebar will span over 1/3 the width of the page. Take a look at the diagram below for help.

    • content areas

Within an area, you can add content slots, and rearrange their order. If you click on one of the "add content" buttons, you'll get a list of slots to add. You can add as many as you'd like, and they are all reusable. These are all the types of things Apostrophe will let you add to your site. Below each one is described.

    • slots

Rich Text

The rich text slot is for you to add all text to your website. In here you can copy and paste from other programs, change the font, color, style, link text, or add a table.

    • rich text


The video slot takes you to the media section to choose a video you've already uploaded, or upload a new video. To add videos you can search a service like YouTube, add an embed code, or link an account so your videos are always available to you. Please note that you cannot upload a video directly from your computer to your media library. You have to first host the video on YouTube or Vimeo.

Here's something cute to demonstrate the video slot.


The photo(s) slot lets you add images to your website. You can drag images right into the box to upload, or manually upload the images by choosing file names from your computer. Clicking "edit" will let you add or delete the images in the slideshow, add images that you have already uploaded to your media library, or rearrange the order of the images. 

    • photos

Smart Slideshow

The smart slideshow slot lets you create a slideshow that autmatically updates the images when you add new ones to your media library. You choose the number of images you want to display, and which category to pull from. If you choose no category, it will pull from all images. When you add a new image to your library, the new one gets added to the slideshow and the oldest one gets kicked out.

    • smartslideshow

File (requires small plan or higher)

The file slot allows you to upload  document or presentation files on to a page. This includes .doc .pdf .ppt. .xls .csv

    • file slot

Audio (requires small plan or higher)

The audio slot lets you pull in MP3s from your media library and put them on a page. The slot has an MP3 player that shows the title and lets you control volume.

  • The apostrophe song (hip hop)

Loading Audio Player...

Twitter & RSS

This slot allows you to pull in an RSS feed from any other site. You just have to type the name of the website in you'd like to pull from. Pull in a Twitter feed by just typing in the username. For example @apostrophenow. 

    • twitter rss
    • twitter slot


The button slot allows you to create buttons on your website by linking text and images. The button will show an image and description. You can click on the image to go to an internal or external link.

    • button

Blog Posts

The blog posts slot allows you to view a specific number (your choosing) of blog posts at a time. You can select to have only posts from specific categories and tags appear. The most recent posts get displayed at the top, while the older posts gets kicked out as new ones come in. 

    • blog slot
    • blog excerpt

Events (small plan or higher required)

The events slot allows you to place events on a  page along side other types of content. Choose the number of posts you want to show and a category. The most recent posts show up at the top of the list, and the older posts get kicked out. You can choose up to 10 posts to display. The event gets displayed as an excerpt with a read more button for further detail.

    • event slot 1
    • events excerpt

PayPal (requires medium plan or higher)

The PayPal slot allows you to place a PayPal button on your website for visitors to pay you. You first have to login to your PayPal account to generate a button (there are ways to customize it). Then all you have to do is enter in the button code, and voila! it's on your website, just waiting for people to pay. 

    • create a paypal payment button paypal
    • generated code paypal
    • pay pal button

Wufoo (requires medium plan or higher)

The Wufoo slot allows you to embed a Wufoo form on to your website. This is good for any survey, or to collect information for a mailing list.

    • wufoo form code manager
    • wufoo

Etsy Mini

This slot allows you to embed your etsy mini code into your website. When you click on the images, you'll be brought to the Etsy store to purchase. Watch the video to learn more.

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