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Website Ownership

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Changing Ownership of a Website:

To change the ownership of the website to another user, the person must first be made an admin on the site. 
  • Select "manage users" and make sure the new owner is a user with Admin permissions.
  • Select "Site Settings" and check the box to change owner. Select the new owner from the drop down menu. They will need to accept the invitation. 
The new owner will take over any billing responsibilities immediately. 
The previous owner will be changed to an "admin." This can be changed in "Manage Users."

Why would you switch the owner of a website?

There are several reasons you might want to change the ownership of a website:
  • a new person needs to take over the billing responsibilities
  • you've made this website for a client, and they need to take over maintenance of the website
  • the current owner is leaving your organization, and the website maintenance needs to move to a new person. 
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