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The New Portfolio Gallery Page

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Introducing our new portfolio gallery page! This new page type is made to show a series of slideshows. The viewer can click on a thumbnail to cycle through a slideshow. Each thumbnail represents a different slideshow. 

To use this new page, add a new page, and choose "portfolio gallery page" as the page type.

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To create the slideshows, click "Add Photo Slideshow." A new dotted "choose photos" box pops up. Click on the little polariod photo to add photos. Choosing images is the same as making any slideshow in Apostrophe. Once finished, you can use the arrows to reorder the thumbnails.

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To see this page in action, you can check out justinsphotography.apostrophenow.com/photo-gallery

We have some ideas on how to make this page better, and we would love to hear your feedback.

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