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Release Notes 3.07.12

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New Features This Week:

Email Your Photos Straight to Your Website!

iPad users will be especially glad to see this feature. Formerly there was no way to upload media from most mobile devices, including the iPad. Now you can simply email your photos to your site. They arrive in the media library shortly thereafter, and then you can select them for use on your pages.

It's easy: just click "Media" at the top of your site, then "Add Media." Your personalized email address for media uploads appears. You can click it right away, or add it to your address book. And that's a very good idea, because it means you can forward images to your site at any time from many different apps.

You can use this address from any device. An iPad, an iPhone, an Android, even a plain ol' boring desktop computer. Just forward images to your site and they'll be available in the media library when you're ready to add them to your pages.

"Why does my address have silly words in it?" We wanted to make sure spammers wouldn't be able to jam images on your site by emailing them. But we also wanted to use an address you'd be able to remember easily while you're adding it to your iPhone's address book.


Other New Features:

  • The photo album page type is much more intuitive to use. Found this confusing before? Give it another try. Click "Add Page," then pick "Photo Album."
  • Photo albums can now be set to "autoplay" or "manual." Just click the gear icon next to "Add a Photo Album."
  • Your logo can be displayed "original size" (although the theme may still limit it appropriately). Great for skilled designers who know just what they want.


Bug Fixes This Week:

We didn't forget to take care of the basics this week. Here are the boring-yet-important things:
  • When you rename the "Home" page, the navigation buttons at the top reflect this
  • Error messages and many other messages easier to read
  • Better progress display
  • Cleaned up the simple theme editor
  • Previewing themes and style changes takes you to the page you started from, not the home page
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