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Release Notes 4.11.12

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This week was all about speed. And stability. And usability. Basically: lots better!  Speed: Apostrophe does less work to put a page in front of your users, and that means your…

Release Notes 4.4.12

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Online stores! Add a complete online store with shopping cart to your site. Just visit your home page, click "Add Page," and select the "Ecwid Store" page type. You'll be invited…

Release Notes 3.28.12

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This week is positively iconic: Favicons! We now support custom bookmark icons (favicon.ico files) for every site. Read on for details. iPhone homescreen icons! You can add custom icons for iPhone…

Release Notes 3.21.12

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Improvements This Week: Built-in support for SoundCloud (use "Add Video or Embed Code") Faster! Pages load and render faster, particularly when you are editing Controls are easier to read and use…

Release Notes 3.14.12

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Bug Fixes This Week: This was a big week for making things better. Here are the highlights:   Cropping your own photos works much better with the photo grid page Emphasized…

Release Notes 3.07.12

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New Features This Week: Email Your Photos Straight to Your Website! iPad users will be especially glad to see this feature. Formerly there was no way to upload media from most…

Release Notes 2.29.12

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Bugs fixed this week: The simple theme editor, "Customize Appearance," is fixed for IE8 and IE9 Blog Page images now span full width, instead of only spanning 480px Smart Slideshow images…

Release Notes 2.22.12

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Another week of bug fixes, here are some of interest (the rest were internal): Fixed background image in the Modern Theme Smart Slideshow arrows now properly appear to the right of…

Release Notes 2.15.12

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Hey everyone! This was another week of bug fixes, so nothing too exciting to share. Here's what we worked on: Search results now only show pages that are public to everyone.…

Release Notes 2.08.12

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This week we focused mostly on fixing bugs. We will be focusing on bug fixes and smaller tweaks over the next couple weeks to get all the things Apostrophe already can…

Release Notes 2.1.12

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    • new header buttons
This week we spend most of our time squashing bugs. Most were internal, but here are some fixes you might notice: The calendar of events has always required that your site…

Release Notes 1.26.12

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    • drag drop
Another big release for us this week. You can now DRAG AND DROP your photos right into a slide show!! That screen shot above pretty much says it all, so make…

Release Notes 1.18.12

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    • collage
This release is a big one. We made some changes I know you've all been waiting for. Are you ready?  Wait for it....... You can now edit your theme WITHOUT USING…

Release Notes 12.22.11

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For our last release of 2011, we focused on fixing some of the bugs that have popped up.  We have: Made major fixes for IE8 users.  fixed a bunch of little…

Release Notes 12.16.11

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    • css editor
Better late than never! Last Friday we deployed some new changes to Apostrophe, and here are some things to take note of: Cleaned up the CSS editor. If you went to…

Release Notes 12.13.11

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This week we have a new treat for you! The Gallery Portfolio Template allows you to have a portfolio page consisting of multiple slideshows when adding a new page, select "gallery…

Release Notes 12.7.11

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Here's what we fixed and added this week: CSS theme editor was fixed for IE 8 and 9 woo woo! Now there should be no trouble if you want to make…

Release Notes 11.30.11

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Here's what's new with Apostrophe after our latest deploy: New Etsy Mini slot available! Available on the free plan for the next 3 months Home link was added to the main…