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Adding Content

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Adding content to your website with Apostrophe is easy, but like any system, you have to learn some of the specifics. In Apostrophe, the page templates are already set up for…

Blogging in Apostrophe

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The blogging platform we have built in Apostrophe is a way to share news, articles and blog posts around your website. We call this "dynamic content." Dynamic Content, in Apostrophe, is…
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Can the blog be my home page?

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    • weddingsite blog homepage
Here's the best way to bring the blog to your home page: 1. Go to your home page. 2. Click "Add Body Content." 3. Select "Blog Posts." 4. Don't make any…

Editing Your Site

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Getting Started: Editing Text Editing the text of your site is truly easy. Click "Edit" to edit any text on the page. An editor that's familiar to everyone appears. Edit your…

Editing Your Theme's CSS: The Advanced Editor

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We know that our themes won't fit everyone's preferences. That's why we created the Simple Appearance Editor, which lets you pick colors and fonts easily. Just click on the left-hand menu…
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History and Version Control

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In case you ever make a mistake you can roll back the changes. Apostrophe keeps an infinite history of changes made to a content area, and allows you to preview and…

How big should my background image be?

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Our "Big Pictures" theme lets you have a background image behind your content. Whatever the original size, we scale that image to 1024x768 pixels before we send it to the web…

How do I add a favicon (bookmark icon) to my site?

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If you have a favicon.ico file, you can now upload that file to your Apostrophe site, and it will appear next to your site's title in the address bar and in…

How do I add an iPhone and iPad homescreen icon to my site?

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iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches can all display a special homescreen icon for your site when a user saves the site to their homescreen. it's a lot like having your own…

How do I add guest access and a login button?

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    • Guest Page Settings
Guest access is a very cool feature. It lets you share access to certain content only with people who have accounts, without giving them editing privileges. And it's easy to set…

Page Settings

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    • pagesettings
Page Settings   The page settings allows you to change the page title, permalink, page type, permissions (available on the large plan) and meta data for any page. Click the page…

SEO and Apostrophe

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  What can I do to improve my SEO? If Google is not indexing your site, the most important thing you can do is encourage links to your site from other…
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The Media Library

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    • media library
The media section of Apostrophe is where all your images, videos and files live. All multimedia content on your website is pulled from this library.  Adding files to the Media Library…
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User Roles

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    • user roles
In Apostrophe, you can add other people to collaborate on your website by going to the Manage Users option in the menu.  You'll notice there are three options for you to…

Website Ownership

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Changing Ownership of a Website:   To change the ownership of the website to another user, the person must first be made an admin on the site.    Select "manage users"…