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User Roles

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In Apostrophe, you can add other people to collaborate on your website by going to the Manage Users option in the menu. 

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You'll notice there are three options for you to choose next to "role."

Admin: The have full editing control over the website, they can change the appearance, they can invite more guests and editors and admins, they can edit the CSS and generally do everything except access billing information or anything under "manage site" (such as changing the custom domain or the site plan).

Editor: The have content editing power for all the pages on the website. They cannot change the way the site looks.

Guest: A guest can view pages that you have restricted to guests via the "Who can see this?" prompt in "Page Settings." For instance, a school might use this to create pages ofr parents only and invite those users as guests. For more information, see how do I add guest access and a login button to my site?

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