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Release Notes 3.28.12

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This week is positively iconic:

  • Favicons! We now support custom bookmark icons (favicon.ico files) for every site. Read on for details.
  • iPhone homescreen icons! You can add custom icons for iPhone and iPad users to any site. That's covered here.
  • Creating new sites is much faster.
  • Bug fixes, including some of special importance to Safari users.
  • Better instructions for setting up Google Analytics.
  • Embed codes for video, audio and similar services are much easier to add. Of course we still let you search and browse your YouTube videos right in Apostrophe. And Vimeo, SoundCloud and SlideShare too! But just in case, you can more easily add other stuff as well.
  • ... Last but not least, full support for the latest SlideShare embed codes. We know you're dying to share that PowerPoint presentation about your cats.
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