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Release Notes 4.4.12

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  • Online stores! Add a complete online store with shopping cart to your site. Just visit your home page, click "Add Page," and select the "Ecwid Store" page type. You'll be invited to plugin your store ID from ecwid.com, an awesome online store provider (and yes, they have a free plan). We're excited to partner with Ecwid!
  • Big improvements to guest access. When you invite users to be "guests" on your site (via "Manage Users" on the left-hand menu), they now receive an email invitation that emphasizes your message to them first and foremost. When users arrive to accept your invitation, the logo of your site appears on the "You're Invited" page. And when first-time users accept your invitation they are whisked directly to your site.

Note that you can also add a "login" button directly to your site simply by clicking "Edit" in the footer area, typing "Login," styling that text any way you like, selecting the text and clicking the link icon. Enter /login as the URL and click OK, then save your edits to the footer.

Guest access requires the "large" plan.

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