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Release Notes 4.11.12

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This week was all about speed. And stability. And usability. Basically: lots better! 

Speed: Apostrophe does less work to put a page in front of your users, and that means your site is faster. The very first time you load a page today it may seem a bit slower as we rebuild your cache the newfangled way; but after that, zippy. And it'll be zippy for your guests as well.

Slideshow fixes: we fixed a few lingering issues with slideshows to ensure your images never appear on top of your text.

Photo albums page: the photo albums page shows four images from each slideshow rather than just one for a better visual cue. We have further enhancements in mind.

Money matters: for cards entered after today you'll be able to see the last four digits when you click on "Billing." And you can also remove your card entirely from our system, as long as all of your sites are on the free plan.

Little things that matter. Lots of little fixes and enhancements too small to mention individually.

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