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Apostrophe Consulting Packages and Custom Themes

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Now offering custom theme packages around hosted Apostrophe! In the past, we regretted that we couldn't help out our friends that need a low cost, but custom website for their small…

Create A Mailing list using Wufoo and Mailchimp

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    • wufoo notification settings
Creating a mailing list on your Apostrophe site is easy! In fact, if you watch the demo below, you can see it only takes a minute.  If you are planning on…

The New Portfolio Gallery Page

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    • photo gallery
Introducing our new portfolio gallery page! This new page type is made to show a series of slideshows. The viewer can click on a thumbnail to cycle through a slideshow. Each…

Etsy Mini Slot

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Using the Etsy Mini slot you can now feature items from your Etsy shop right on your Apostrophe website! The Esty Mini slot is for Etsy sellers and Etsy lovers alike.…